Viral Video Shows a Playful Coyote and Badger Traveling Together in the Santa Cruz Mountains

It’s been known that coyotes and badgers sometimes hunt together, but a new video surfaced recently shows that their friendship may be much deeper.

The Peninsula Open Space Trust captured a video of the coyote and badger traveling together into a culvert in the Santa Cruz mountains, allowing them to cross under a busy highway. The video shows a seemingly happy and playful coyote leading the badger into the culvert, showing the world this unlikely friendship:

The video has been posted all over the internet, getting many millions of views around the world. The duo captured the world’s imagination of what it’s like to be friends in the wilderness.

The two animals have been known to hunt together, but scientists have never two of them together in the Bay Area.

“This blew us away,” said Neal Sharma, Wildlife Linkages Program Manager for Peninsula Open Space Trust, to NBC Bay Area. “This is the kind of footage folks [who] study these things, work on these issues, we dream of this, this kind of an interaction.”

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