Walk High Among the Northern California Redwoods on the Trees of Mystery Canopy Trail

Photo: Trees of Mystery

The Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California has been wowing visitors for decades with its novel tree formations, SkyTrail gondola ride and abnormally large statue of Paul Bunyon. And now the roadside destination has now added a Redwood Canopy Walk, which allows people to walk among Northern California’s beautiful redwood forest.

The brand-new canopy walk will bring you high into the redwood forest and lead you through eight suspension bridges and ten platforms to take in the sights, sounds and smells of NorCal’s world-famous redwoods. These aerial netted suspension bridges go 100 feet above the ground and you’ll gently sway with the trees as you hike through the forest.

During your visit to the Trees of Mystery, you can also enjoy the famed SkyTrail, which includes a trip 1,570 feet up into the forest on their gondola to see an elevated view of the redwoods as well as far-away views of the Pacific Ocean. See what a trip on the SkyTrail looks like:

Of course, no trip to the Trees of Mystery is complete without a visit to the End of the Trail Museum and a photo with the humongous statue of Paul Bunyon.

A general admission ticket for the Trees of Mystery is just $20 and it’s located on Highway 101 between Klamath and Crescent City:

Enjoy your trip to NorCal’s world-famous redwood forest!

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