Watch How West Sacramento is Using Goats for Fire Suppression Along the Sacramento River

Photo: City of West Sacramento

The hottest new trend in Northern California fire suppression has been hiring goats to clear out overgrown areas. Many different towns are subscribing to the idea and the City of West Sacramento is taking it to a new level.

At the Clarksburg Ranch Line Trail along the Sacramento River, there are areas that human mowers can’t get to in order to eliminate overgrown plants and reduce fuels in the area. That’s why the city has employed 400 goats from Red Bluff’s Blue Tent Farms for the sixth year to eat up the plants in the area during the springtime.

The goats were brought into the area in March and will keep chomping down the plants until May.

Not only are the goats a major factor in eliminating fuels, they also give local recreation enthusiasts a nice little show. A camera was strapped to one of the goats to show the action up-close-and-personal:

The town of Nevada City has also become known for its use of goats for fire suppression. In January, they started a “Goat Fund Me” campaign in order to raise $30,000 to bring goats into the area to clean up the city-owned properties.

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