Watch Joe Rogan Hunt and Eat Wild Turkeys in the Napa Valley

Hunting wild turkeys in Northern California is a time-honored tradition. The largest game bird in North America can be seen all over the area and make for decent meal if prepared correctly.

The popular show Meateater recently invited comedians Joe Rogan (world famous podcaster) and Bryan Callen (“For the Godfather, it’s always on the house”) to go turkey hunting on private land in the Napa Valley. The video shows how to call, hunt and cook turkeys in a wilderness setting. Here’s a description of the show from Meateater:

The last time Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen went out with Steven Rinella they were soaked head to toe and came home meatless. To remedy their meat crisis while keeping them dry, Steve sets up a springtime wild turkey hunt in sunny California.

Watch the video above to get a crash course on hunting turkey in NorCal

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