Watch Male Coyotes Fight Over a Female During Mating Season in Point Reyes

Mating season for coyotes in the Point Reyes National Seashore typically runs from December to March, and can be a busy time for the animals. Coyotes are generally monogamous and can stay with a mate for years, making the process of choosing a mate very stressful on the animals.

That, of course, means there will be altercations between coyotes during the mating season, and Point Reyes premier wildlife photographer caught an amazing interaction between three coyotes that were willing to fight for their mates.

Daniel Dietrich, the owner of Point Reyes Safaris, caught the incredible interaction of two male coyotes fighting over a female during mating season in the park:

Watching the video, it appears a male and female coyote couple are content with their bond when a different male came in to get in on the action. The male and female appear to be fighting off the other coyote.

This is quite the beautiful interaction in Point Reyes, where so much wildlife lives including Tule elk, bobcats, elephant seals, owls, great blue herons and coyotes. Dietrich frequently captures these animals in their environment in the park. Here are some more recent captures from him of the coyotes in the park:

See all of Dietrich’s fantastic wildlife photography on his Instagram account.

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