WATCH: Professional Skateboarder Builds a Floating Skate Ramp on Lake Tahoe

Bob Burnquist is known to use his imagination to push the sport of skateboarding to new levels. The experienced pro has been known to be one of the best big ramp skateboarders in the world, but one of his most unique accomplishments was riding a small skate ramp – while floating on Lake Tahoe.

In 2014, Burnquist assembled a crew to build a floating skate ramp and ride the beauty on the crystal-clear water of Lake Tahoe. The construction of the ramp took a lot of consideration, including keeping it from rocking too much in the water and making sure it didn’t sink. Once the the ramp was built it was time for the skaters to ride.

The end result of this concept was a beautiful video of Burnquist skating on Lake Tahoe, finishing with him launching off the ramp and into the water. Fun fact: a wetsuited snorkeler was waiting in the water while they skated to retrieve the skateboards when they flew into the water.

Watch the full video:

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