Watch: Skier Lands Insane Backflip Over 150-Foot Road Gap in Sierra Nevada Mountains

When the snow falls in bunches during the winter in Tahoe, extreme athletes are known to push the limits in the area. Due to massive snowfall blanketing the area, new obstacles were realized in the backcountry for skiers and snowboarders, and the best riders took the opportunity to push the limits.

Skier Josh Daiek posted a video showing him launching a 150-foot backflip over a road gap in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The sheer size of the jump, mixed with the danger of the cars driving below, make this a must-watch stunt. See it for yourself:

“I’ve been eyeing this gap for the last decade,” Daiek wrote on IG. “With a banner year in the Sierra last season the landing finally filled in and was ready to send.”

We know the gap is somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains, presumably near the Tahoe area, but we aren’t able to verify the exact location. The road gap was around 150 feet and the drop was over 100 feet. From the section of the video, you can see the landing was INTENSE.

Daiek also released a video on his YouTube page showing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of him and his crew during the stunt. The footage includes his speed check, both of his attempts over the road gap and a run-in with local law enforcement, who did not seem happy at the stunt:

“If you guys cause an avalanche, we’re coming out here,” the California Highway Patrol officer is heard saying. “That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.

Keep pushing the limits, Josh!

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