WATCH: Snowy Grass Valley is an Absolute Sh**show with Downed Trees and Power Lines

The massive storm that has blanketed Northern California with snow is causing a lot of issues for locals. Tahoe and Mammoth Lakes are currently buried in snow with road closures and power outages. But Grass Valley may be in an even worse situation with heavy snow downing trees and power lines throughout the town.

A YouTube video (above) from Live Storms Media shows the town in complete chaos as officials hope to quickly restore power and clean up the roadways. Travel throughout the town is difficult with residents turning corners to find massive trees covering the roadways.

Here’s a description of the video from Live Storms Media:

The Grass Valley area suffered extensive damage due to heavy wet snow that fell last night. Over a foot of snow caused power outages due to fallen lines, heavy tree damage and road closures. Highway 49 to Auburn was closed by CHP because of trees blocking the highway. Power lines were down everywhere as crews tried their best to clear the roads.

Meanwhile, photos online show the town in disarray as the snow continues to fall:

Stay safe, NorCal!

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