WATCH: Tahoe Bear Climbs Up an 80-Foot Tree in Search of Osprey Eggs

After we posted a couple videos on social media of a bear attempting to climb a large tree on Lake Tahoe taken by Ian Gil (@vivachile), we have received a ton of questions about the incident. So we have decided to put it in writing for our audience.

The fascinating event happened when Gil, a Tahoe tour guide, was fishing in Emerald Bay and noticed an unusual flurry of activity along the shoreline. His camera lens swiftly turned towards the scene, capturing the remarkable sight of a young black bear bounding through the undergrowth.

The bear’s gaze locked onto an osprey nest perched high atop a massive dead tree and it became clear – it wanted to eat some osprey eggs. Unperturbed by the daunting climb ahead, the bear embarked on a seemingly audacious ascent, utilizing its climbing skills to seemingly defy gravity. As it scaled the towering tree with surprising agility, the group on the boat in Emerald Bay watched in amazement.

The bear’s climb was an 80-foot spectacle that few have witnessed. The video captured not just its physical prowess but the inherent drive that animals possess to satiate their hunger.

As the bear neared the pinnacle, the bear executed a U-turn to descend, likely due to the height and extreme danger of the situation. Here are videos of the astounding ascent:

This event not only has captured the minds of the viewers on social media, it also shows the lengths to which wildlife will go to secure a meal amidst rapidly changing landscapes. While this black bear’s climb ended in disappointment, it stands as a testament to the remarkable adaptability of animals in the face of evolving challenges.

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