WATCH: This Donner Summit Snowboard Gap is INSANE!

Tim Humphries is a professional snowboarder located in Tahoe and while everyone is preparing for summer activities, he’s still getting some epic snowboarding runs on Donner Summit.

He posted two videos to his popular Instagram page showing him jumping over an insane gap. Check them out:

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I’m always really stoked to get the backside 5 out in the wild! For some reason this trick is really easy on park jumps, but one of the harder ones in the backcountry. Maybe it’s the blind landing combined with having to turn right away to avoid rocks.. It’s hard to look uphill for long enough on the landing when there’s rocks to avoid I suppose. Anyways, thanks @thehaust for filming this wide shot and sessioning with me 🏂🏂🚀🤙🏻 @nideckersnowboards @bolle_eyewear @neffheadwear @gopro @nanocraftcbd @flowsnowboardn @fpinsoles @241collection #nideckersnowboards #neff #goprohero7 #goprosnow #bolle #nanocraftcbd #flow #springsnow #fpinsoles #nanocraftcbd #donnerlake #tahoe #snowboarder #goprohero7black

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What a beast! The amount of snowpack (200% of historical average) in the Sierra Nevada in June is phenomenal. And when you’re a pro, you look for ways to ride year-round.

Nice work, Tim! We hope you can find adventures like this for the next couple of months!

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