Watch this Massive Landslide Take Out Highway 101

The Trinity and Humboldt areas seem to have an issue with landslides and it’s becoming a big problem for Caltrans. In 2017, Highway 32 was closed down for long stretches due to rockslides and Highway 101 is having similar issues.

This video just came to my attention and it is absolutely terrifying. Wendy Kornberg stopped at a landslide area on Highway 101 in Southern Humboldt near Legget and became the witness to a massive landslide, which buried the highway and put Caltrans workers at serious risk.

You can see small bits of rock and dirt falling as Caltrans workers look on as it begins to build. Next thing you know the horn sounds and the Caltrans workers move out of the way of the slide as Wendy yells “Run! Run!” It is quite an amazing video. Check it out:

Thank your local Caltrans worker for putting their life on the line. And we have to thank Wendy for capturing this video and providing some color commentary!

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