Watch Thousands of Pounds of Trophy Fish Released into Lake Amador

Lake Amador, located just southeast of Sacramento, has become a popular lake for Northern California anglers and their hefty planting program is one reason you may want to head there with your fishing pole.

Every year from October through May, the Lake Amador Resort plants roughly 50,000 pounds of trout, many of which are over 10 pounds. With every release, they post videos to their social channels showing the big fish you can catch on the lake. The most recent plant came this week, with over 1,000 pounds of Amador Golds and Cutbows being released into the lake:

This is just one of the fish releases that have occurred in the recent month. In fact, the lake could see up to 4,000 pounds of fish released each week. Here’s how their robust planting operation works:

First they grow the hold and grow the fish in a nearby pond. Then they transport the fish into a transportation vehicle.

Then they release the fish through a tube into a net in the lake.

Then, they release those monster fish into the lake.

Their private planting program is completely based on their fishing fees, a unique program in the state. The lake also holds a large population of Blue Catfish, Crappie, Blue Gill, Bass, Carp and also has a healthy supply of shad minnows. Here is a map of the fishing opportunities:

The lake offers a dual-lane boat launch and 113.5 miles of shoreline fishing. For more information on fishing on Lake Amador, go here.

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