WATCH: Two Young Bears Wrestle on the Front Porch of a South Lake Tahoe Home

While many individuals install security cameras with the intention of safeguarding their property, an unexpected perk emerges in the form of captivating wildlife footage.

Earlier this winter, a resident of South Lake Tahoe seized an opportunity to film two juvenile black bears practicing their combat techniques on a front deck. The proprietor of the video went the extra mile by including insightful details about the area’s native black bears in the description:

“There is a common misconception that all black bears hibernate in the winter. In the Lake Tahoe region, many bears are active year-round. There are food sources available throughout the year that allow some bears to avoid denning up during the winter months.

And when bears are well-fed, they like to play. These two bears decided to have a play bout on my front deck. I have seen these bears throughout the last year, and they regularly play like this.

Although they do no real damage to each other in these play bouts, they are learning valuable skills that will help them if they do get into a real fight with another bear.”

Check out the video:

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