Water Officials Continue Significant Lake Oroville Releases Amidst Wet Winter

Lake Oroville is making waves again as the Department of Water Resources (DWR) skillfully manages water releases to keep the community safe and ensure future water supply.

With Lake Oroville’s main spillway and Hyatt Powerplant hard at work, the DWR is navigating through winter and spring’s tricky waters, aiming to protect downstream communities from flooding while holding back enough for the dry months ahead.

As of now, Lake Oroville stands proud at 862 feet elevation, boasting an 84 percent full tank. To maintain a balance, a substantial 10,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) is being released into the Feather River, ensuring the safety and well-being of Oroville city and its neighbors.

Meanwhile, crews are buzzing around the main spillway, conducting inspections and maintenance to keep the water flowing smoothly.

This giant reservoir serves a dual purpose: defending against floods and quenching the thirst of 27 million Californians. Last year, it showcased its might by channeling over 2,370,000 acre-feet of water—67 percent of its full capacity—through its spillways without a hitch.

With an eye always on the sky and the snow-capped mountains, DWR’s diligent efforts exemplify California’s commitment to sustainable water management and environmental stewardship. As the state prepares for whatever Mother Nature has in store next, Lake Oroville remains a beacon of resilience, ready to meet the challenges head-on.

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