We Found the POV Video of the Viral Backflip at Palisades Tahoe and It’s Absolutely Incredible

It’s probably not a secret that the best skiers in Tahoe ride at Palisades Tahoe. The advanced terrain of chairlifts like KT-22 attract some of the best skiers in the world, and the locals know every little bit of the mountain to perfection.

That’s why these videos of a massive backflip next to the chairlift show just how awesome the local skiers at Palisades Tahoe are.

We shared a social media post of Noah Gaffney sending a huge backflip right next to the lift, blowing away the people taking the video. The stoke in the video is palpable:

Now, thanks to the magic of the YouTube algorithm, we have also found Gaffney’s POV video of the backflip, and it shows him beelining it straight to the cliff and sending it. You can hear the stoke of the chairlift mid-air. Check it out:

What’s funny is that the stoked riders on the chairlift happens to include skiing phenom Kai Jones, who has already racked up three Skier of the Year nomination by the IF3 Awards Festival at the ripe age of 16.

Great work from Gaffney! Keep ripping it young man!

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