Wear a Map of Your Favorite Northern California Park with these New Bandanas

Photo: Wear A Map

Outdoor fashion has become a worldwide phenomenon, with apparel giants like Patagonia and Columbia making a fortune by taking fashion statements to the great outdoors. But a new company has come out with a brand-new fashion statement, putting a detailed map of your favorite parks right on your person!

Wear A Map has created tubular bandanas that show detailed maps of popular national parks. They currently sell three bandanas featuring Northern California parks – Yosemite National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park and Sequoia National Park – with the Redwoods National Park currently in production.

The bananas are typically worn around your neck to protect from the sun, cold or bugs, and only cost $12.85 a piece. Here’s a preview of the NorCal parks they offer –

Lassen Volcanic National Park bandana
Yosemite National Park bandana
Sequoia National Park bandana

Of course, they have much more wearable maps on there website, featuring 24 parks in America. You can see the entire Wear A Map catalog and purchase one here.

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