Weather Forecasts Show a Very Wet December in Northern California

Snowy road in Truckee. Photo by Ross van der Wal.

Although we saw a few storms throughout Northern California in November that wet our proverbial palettes for a fruitful winter, we are still very much sitting in the middle of a drought. With Fall precipitation nearly non-existent throughout NorCal, we’ll need a whole lot of wet weather in December to get back on track for the winter we all dreamed about.

That wet weather may just be on the way.

The 10-day weather forecasts throughout NorCal show a series of storms that will bring rain and snow to the area beginning this week and ending just before Christmas. Not only is this weather needed to replenish our tributaries and provide much needed snowpack for the mountains, it will also help alleviate the drought conditions that caused the devastating fire season of 2020.

The rain and snow is set to hit the area on Friday evening and dump up to a foot of snow on the Sierra Nevada throughout the weekend:

That’s just the beginning. The following weeks will see two more massive storms ending just before Christmas on December 23. Here are the 10-day forecasts for mountain regions throughout NorCal:

Lake Tahoe

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Mount Shasta

Yosemite National Park

Keep snow dancing, NorCal! It’s working!

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