Weather Model Forecasts 365 Inches of Snow in Sierra Over 10 Days

Meteorologists are trying their best to make sense of the incoming storm that is set to drench Northern California this week. There are three storms set to hit the area, with the third currently building moisture over the Pacific Ocean that could bring massive snowfall on Wednesday-Thursday.

With many different forecasts circulating the internet, one meteorologist pulled a model that showed 365 inches over 10 days in the Sierra.

“This is no doubt one of the most insane model runs I’ve ever seen from the GFS,” wrote weather enthusiast Jim Tang on Twitter.

Tang’s original model showed 365 inches of snow through just 10 days in the lower Eastern Sierra, but he addressed the reality it will most likely result in 6-12 feet.

“Models are starting to reach a consensus of stalling an AR somewhere in CA Wed-Fri. If that indeed verifies, many areas in the Sierra will get 6-12 ft of snow.”

It goes to show that weather forecasts are a moving target, and while we may not actually see 365 inches, it’s definitely going to dump. Meteorologists hopped into the conversation about the model to discuss the likelihood of an epic storm.

“That’s a model run to remember! This is going to be a very interesting week…” wrote climate scientist Daniel Swain.

“So what are you saying? Big dumps coming?” wrote Fred Moyer.

“Yes. Potentially quite an epic one.” replied Swain.

We’ll have a better idea about the intensity of the storm as the week progresses. Let’s hope it’s an epic one.

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