What the Heck Is It? Weird Creature Found on Point Reyes Beach.

Photos of a mysterious creature are circulating online after it was photographed on a Point Reyes beach earlier this week. So, what the heck is it?

The photo was posted to The West Marin Feed on Twitter and included the question “Found on a beach in Point Reyes this week, anyone know what it is?” Here are photos of the weird creature in question:

As with any question on the internet, many commenters quickly said it must be aliens, while another said it looked like a crystallized armadillo. But for most, the answer was clear – it was a sturgeon.

I’ve seen dead sturgeon before and this one certainly looks different due to the “crystallized” look of the carcass. One commenter mentioned that it’s the bone structure under the initial skin layer. Personally, I had no idea sturgeon had that sort of bone under the skin. You learn something new everyday.

So there you have it – another cool sight in the Northern California outdoors. Thankfully, we have the internet to answer these questions.

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