GoPro Found in the Mud on Shasta Lake Returned to Owner 7 Years After it Was Lost

The power of social media is strong, especially in small communities.

On Monday, a post was shared to the Shasta Lake Boaters Facebook Group that showed the picture of a man looking down at a GoPro. The post went on to explain that they found the GoPro in the mud on Shasta Lake and shockingly, the SD card from 2016 still worked.

“My wife found a GoPro stuck in the mud in Shannon cove this wknd and the SD card still worked!” wrote Travis Stringer in the post. “The dates on the media were 2015-2016. So, If you look like a 7-8 year older version of this guy and your houseboat says “If we weren’t all crazy we’d go insane” on the side, I’ve got a state of the art Hero 4 and SD card I’d like to get back to you!”

Photo of the owner of the GoPro as posted to Facebook

We see a lot of these posts on social media, which are rarely successful in finding the owners. Not only does the person need to have some sort of connection to the person, the algorithm has to put it in front of them. So what came next in the comment section was nothing short of extraordinary.

“Omg , I have gone back to the same cove for years after the lake went down searching and searching!” wrote Gary Sandoval. “Please call me and thank you so much!”

Imagine losing a GoPro and searching for it for years, only to see your picture on Facebook 7 years later. What a great story.

These type of stories share why the communities in Northern California are the best. Great work!

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