What Was It? Giant Fireball Lights Up Northern California Sky.

Many people were shocked to see a massive light moving quickly across the Northern California sky Friday night. No, it wasn’t aliens.

The flash moving in the sky was curious to those who witnessed it, but it can actually be explained. The event was seen during the peak of the Taurids meteor shower, with a giant fireball flying through the sky. The event was caught on camera by numerous people in the area:

Typically the Taurids meteor shower shows a variety of small meteors move across the sky, but in some occurrences, giant fireballs can be seen. Fireballs from the shower are meteors larger than five feet across and they shine incredibly bright, according to NASA. These meteors hit the Earth’s atmosphere at a perpendicular angle, making them visible for seconds on end, compared to just milliseconds for typical meteors.

If you were able to see the meteor shower last night, you got one heck of a show! Now, you have the  “Beaver Blood Moon” total lunar eclipse to look forward to this week.

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