Whiskeytown Lake to Reopen for Labor Day Weekend


The Carr Fire began on July 23 in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and devastated the park. The flames burned 39,000 acres within the 43,000-acre park, forcing officials to close the park to the public for the remainder of the summer.

Now, with the Carr Fire nearly fully contained, the park is beginning to reopen. Whiskeytown announced it would open parts of the park to the public for Labor Day weekend, giving visitors access to the entirety of the lake.

That’s right! After over a month of being closed, you can now go boating, fishing, waterskiing and fishing on Whiskeytown Lake!

Beginning this Saturday at 6:05 am, the body of the lake for recreational boating through the Whiskey Beach boat ramp. Whiskey Creek, East Beach, and the Shasta Divide Nature Trail will also be open through the weekend. Shoreline access, except for at Whiskey Beach, will be restricted.

“We are pleased to begin the reopening process of the park, thanks to the hard work of the Whiskeytown park staff and our National Park Service colleagues from around the country who have assisted in the recovery,” said Patrick Gubbins, acting superintendent at Whiskeytown.

The Carr Fire destroyed 11 buildings in the park, knocking out power, water and sewer services. The fire also burned most of the trees in the park, creating hazards to hikers. Park Rangers will be out in full force during the weekend, making sure visitors don’t encounter these hazards.

“Falling trees, burned out stump holes, continued fire, and loose rocks remain significant hazards in much of the burned area,” the park service said in a news release. “Visitors should exercise caution while recreating and remain aware of their surroundings.”

Visitors will not need a parking pass for the weekend and the Visitors Center will be open to the public from 10am to 4pm.

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