Will the Mt. Shasta Ski Park Open Soon? It’s Not Looking Good Right Now.

The lackluster start to winter throughout Northern California is being felt by the ski parks of the Sierra. Most of the ski resorts in Tahoe and Mammoth are currently open with limited terrain. But for the Mt. Shasta Ski Park, the prospect of opening soon looks pretty grim.

Park management is ready to open as soon as the snow comes. They have employees ready to work and are keeping close tabs on the weather forecast to see when the snow accumulation might come. But with the current look of the mountain, along with the upcoming forecast, the resort might not open anytime soon.

On the morning of January 1, the mountain cameras show the area of the Coyote/Gray Butte lifts that received snow at high elevations. It looks like a beautiful winter wonderland:

Then, when you look at the lower mountain at the base, it’s clear that the recent storm brought rain to lower elevations. It’s a depressing look:

Storms are on their way to Northern California this week but it’s not exactly great news for the ski park. The current forecast calls for snow AND rain at the park, likely giving us the exact same result (rain at the base). It will likely snow at night and rain during the day:

YIKES. Keep snow dancing, NorCal!

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