Win Two Tickets to the Fifth-Annual Jefferson State Flixx Fest

Photo Courtesy of Discover Siskiyou

Get ready for the fifth annual Jefferson State Flixx Fest September 19th – 22nd in Ft. Jones, CA! This 3-day event features not only films, but also Q&A sessions, food (including BBQ), and happy hours. Enter below to win 2 tickets thanks to Discover Siskiyou.

“Nestled in historic Scott Valley among the majesty of far Northern California’s Marble Mountains, the Jefferson State FLIXX FEST proudly claims to be the premier film festival of the “mythical” 51st State of Jefferson.  Now in its fifth year, the festival represents a stand for fiercely independent cinema and is committed to showcasing films and screenplays that capture some of the Jefferson State’s iconic values: beauty, landscape, vision and freedom, in whatever storytelling form that takes.”

Find more information on the Jefferson State Flixx Fest here. Enter below to win two tickets to the event!

Feature Film: Above The Clouds (2018)

Above the Clouds – Teaser 2 from Leon Chambers on Vimeo.

Videos from past Flixx Fest

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