Video Explores the Human History of Lassen Volcanic National Park

In an installment of Lassen NPS’s video newsletter, Lassen Peek, they give a brief introduction to the human history of the area. Using rein-actors, the feature puts you up close and personal with the lives of white settlers heading up the Noble Emigrant Trail in search of a better life.

We hope it peaks your curiosity:

Snow-capped mountains, boiling hot springs and volcanic eruptions may be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Lassen Volcanic National Park, but the hundred year park history is written in both story and stone. Humans have intertwined their legacy with the geologic story that makes up this rugged place.

For thousands of years, the area that is now Lassen Volcanic National Park was frequented by four American Indian Tribes – the Yana, Yahi, Atsugewi and Mountain Maidu. Today, the Mountain Maidu and Atsugewi are still thriving cultures surrounding the park. One group of Atsugewi still come to the park every year for a celebratory tribal run in the shadow of Lassen Peak. In more recent years, American settler traversed the northern boundary of the park along the Nobles Emigrant trail in search of better lives for themselves. 

To find out more about Lassen’s human history, see the park’s page on history & culture.

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