Winter Solstice Lenticular Cloud Over Mount Shasta was Nothing Short of Spectacular

On December 21, winter officially arrived in Northern California with Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year. There was much to celebrate this year as a series of large storms entered the region, and Mount Shasta always knows how to celebrate. This year’s Winter Solstice brought a stunning lenticular cloud over the mountain signaling the incoming storms and marveling onlookers.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Mount Shasta is well-known to marvel onlookers with a lenticular cloud show every now and again, and seeing the beautiful sight never gets old. Many times a group of lenticular clouds will gather around the mountain, which is stunning in its own right, but on winter solstice this year, we witnessed a big, multi-faceted lenticular that nothing short of spectacular.

Here are some of the photos and videos seen around the internet of the incredible Winter Solstice lenticular cloud over Mount Shasta:

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