Yosemite Announces Reopening Following Weeklong Closure Due to Wildfire Smoke

With hazardous air due to wildfire smoke, Yosemite National Park was forced to close on September 17. Today, the park announced it would reopen to the public on Friday, September 25. Some visitor services will be available and other visitor services will open incrementally over the weekend.

Outdoor enthusiasts with reservations to the park that has been operating at 50 percent capacity due to Covid-19 were disappointed to hear their plans had to be cancelled due to the smoke. With windy conditions clearing out much of the smoke in Northern California, visitors can now return to the park for the coveted fall season.

Camping and day use reservations will now return to the park, with the park service reserving the right to close again if smoke once again impacts the air quality. For information on current air quality and smoke impacts, please go here.

Let’s hope this opening lasts for the rest of the fire season!

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