Kayak the Whitewater Rapids of the Klamath River with Directors of Toughness

We were first introduced to the Directors of Toughness when they summited Mount Shasta, showing the sheer will and determination needed to get atop the 14,000-foot volcano. Now they’re at it again in Northern California, this time braving the whitewater rapids of the Klamath River.

Two people were selected for Columbia’s Directors of Toughness to travel the world for six months to achieve some of the most daring adventures on the planet. Along the way, they tested Columbia gear and documented their trips, which became an incredible video series.

On the Klamath River, they are put into kayaks and given instructions on how to navigate the famously technical and big rapids of the river. They are both tested for their bravery and acumen, and it’s an exciting ride down the river. Watch the above video to see their journey down the beloved Klamath River.

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