Yosemite’s Tioga Pass Closes for the Winter Season

Yosemite National Park’s iconic Tioga Pass, also known as Highway 120, has officially closed for the winter season, according to Caltrans. This seasonal closure is due to snow conditions and will likely remain in effect until late May or early June.

Caltrans received notification from the National Park Service that the eastbound section of Highway 120, just east of Crane Flat Road inside Yosemite National Park, is now closed to traffic. This closure is a standard measure taken in response to the onset of winter weather conditions.

While Tioga Pass is closed, several other park entrances will remain accessible throughout the year. These include entrances along Highway 120 from the west, Hetch Hetchy, Highway 140, and Highway 41.

For the latest updates on road conditions within Yosemite National Park, visitors are encouraged to check the official park website.

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