15 Times Calvin and Hobbes Reminded Us Why We Love the Outdoors

There's one thing for sure, Calvin and Hobbes loved to play outside and they can give you a youthful reminder of why you love it too

By Zach O’Brien

During my entire life, I’ve had a steady stream of outdoor adventures and Calvin and Hobbes. And as I become older, I realize they might be deeply related.

Calvin and Hobbes was the popular comic strip published between 1985 to 1995, highlighting the adventures and shenanigans of troublemaker Calvin and his stuffed toy tiger/best friend Hobbes. The strip was full of world insight and life lessons, all of which can be applied even to the complicated world we live in today.

There’s one thing for sure, Calvin and Hobbes loved to play outside and can give you a youthful reminder of why you love it too. Here are 15 times Calvin and Hobbes reminded us why we love the outdoors:

1. They taught us that going into the outdoors can give us a much needed balance in life:

2. And that sometimes playful shenanigans can make the world a better place:

3. And the importance of living life in the moment:

4. They taught us that every minute outside and awake is a good minute:

5. And that going outdoors can create deeper friendships and teach us to work as a team:

6. They taught us to dream big in everything we do:

7. And that the world is full of endless possibilities:

8. They reminded us that getting dirty is good for the soul:

9. And that life is all about perspective:

10. They reminded us that sometimes spending time in the outdoors is about relaxation:

11. And just enjoying the moment is very important:

12. And the great outdoors is a great place to do stuff, even if some people consider it doing nothing:

13. They reminded us that adventure is always a good idea, even if you don’t know the way:

14. And that one person’s dirt and rocks is another person’s treasure:

15. But most importantly, they reminded us that there is no price in the world that can be put on spending time in the outdoors:

They also taught us that sometimes it’s important to come inside:

What’s your favorite life lesson from Calvin and Hobbes? Let us know in the comments!

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