3 Northern California Peaks Record 100+ MPH Winds Over the Past 24 Hours

Alpine Meadows Summit. Photo: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

As a few big winter storms begin to descend onto Northern California, the wind precursor is having some major impacts on nearby peaks. High winds are expected throughout the week, including up to 100 mph on Mount Shasta on Wednesday, and three Sierra Nevada peaks have already seen blistering winds in the triple digits.

The National Weather Service released their recorded maximum winds from the peaks in the Sierra Nevada and three registered triple digit winds over a 24 hour span between January 13th and 14th:

That’s A LOT of wind! Mammoth Mountain recorded 101 mph, Squaw Summit recorded 124 mph and Alpine Meadows Summit recorded a whopping 137 mph winds over the span of 24 hours on Monday and Tuesday. With the high winds, ski lifts from all three mountains were affected throughout the day.

On top of vicious winds expected all week, the mountains of NorCal are expected to see nearly 7 feet of snow through Friday, a significant change in weather patterns since the beginning of 2020.

Let it snow, baby! Let it snow!

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