A 10-Mile Packrafting Adventure on the Sacramento River in Redding

Eric Leslie and Ryan Spitz are training to complete what they’re calling the Sacramento River Untamed, a 402-mile kayaking journey down the entire Sacramento River, from Dunsmuir to the San Francisco Bay. This journey will be long and arduous, with plenty of planning needed to accomplish the feat. Their first practice for the trip? A 10-mile packrafting trip down the Sacramento River through Redding.

Leslie and Spitz tested out their packrafts on the river to begin planning for their long journey. What they found was the incomparable beauty you can find on the river in Redding, including the Diestlehorst and Sundial bridges, the massive cliffs of the Sacramento River bluffs and multiple eagle sightings. It’s a testament to why Redding is known as the Gateway to the Northern California.

Watch the above video to see their 10-mile journey down the river.

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