A Full Preview of All the Films Being Featured at the Fly Fishing Film Tour in NorCal

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is coming to Redding and Chico this week, and we couldn’t be more excited for this incredible event in Northern California. Fly fishing is a time-honored tradition in NorCal and seeing the films of the different experiences of fishermen around the world is super entertaining and a great learning experience for the students of the sport.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour will make two stops in NorCal this week – on Thursday, February 20 at the Cascade Theater in Redding and Friday, February 21 at the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico. The event will pack 11 films along with the large community of fly fishing enthusiasts in NorCal into two theaters in two nights. Each night of films is brought to you by its local fly shop, with The Fly Shop in Redding and Fish First Fly Shop in Chico cohosting the events.

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The NorCal stop of the nationwide film series, the largest of its kind in America, will feature brand-new fly fishing films from around the world. This is a can’t-miss event for fly fishing enthusiasts in NorCal!

We’ve compiled all of the descriptions and trailers of all of the films and boy, does it look exciting. Check out all the films you can see at the Fly Fishing Film Tour this week:

Common Threads – A Thrive Visuals Production

Photo: Thrive Visuals
Directed by Jay Siemens
Produced by Thrive Visuals

Mary Pettigrew is not your typical fly angler. As a 70-year-old widow she brings more spunk to the sport of fly fishing than most others out there, making monster Pike on the fly look effortless. Alongside her family, Mary’s trips to Northern Saskatchewan have woven together a web of memories that will not be forgotten. As the next generation of family pick up the fly rod, the common thread among them continues to grow stronger.

Project Rainbow-A Hog Leg Fly Fishing Production

Photo: Hog Leg Productions
Directed by Ben Bortner
Produced by Hog Leg Fly Fishing Productions

While many people have heard of the Gunnison River that flows through the Black Canyon and Gunnison Gorge, not many people have heard the story of the Gunnison River Rainbow. The story of how, following the accidental introduction of whirling disease in 1993, these rainbows went from nearly10,000 fish in a 2-mile stretch of river to only 86 fish a decade later. However, in recent years these fish have started to make a strong comeback. The resurgence of the Gunnison River Rainbow serves as a beacon of hope for other fisheries around North America that are feeling the impact of whirling disease.

Machaca – A Botanical Tale – Tropical Fly Collective

Photo: Tropical Fly Collective
Directed by Tom Enderlin and Federico Hampl
Produced by Tropical Fly Collective

In the rainforests of Costa Rica there is a relationship that doesn’t happen anywhere else on the planet.The film tells the story of the relationship between the machaca, a vegetarian fish, and the diverse forest. The feeding behavior and fishing techniques can be easily identified with by trout fishermen the world over, but the machaca’s aggressive takes and exotic characteristics make them an adversary all their own. This film will introduce a species completely new and unique to the global fly fishing community in alight, fun, and adventurous fashion.

Expectations – A Van-O-White Production

Photo: Van-O-White Production
Directed by Paul Nicoletti
Produced by Van O White Productions

This film follows four Alaskan fishing guides who have known each other for years and their mentor WillBlair. This motley crew arrives in the Bahamas to fish an island reportedly left unfished for close to two decades. Using his Sony camera Paul is ableto capture the feel of a true exploratory trip and the bonds that can only come with years of fishing and living together.This group of five comes together to share some laughs and a few beers while fishing, and in the process, we are reminded to have fun and look forward to the experience instead of always trying to fulfill expectations.

Baja Lines – A KGB Production

Photo: Jay Goodrich
Directed by Chris Kitchen
Produced by KGB Productions

In remote Baja, Mexico childhood friends stumble upon an untapped Mecca for two dissimilar passions: stalking striped marlin on the fly and progressive, freeride mountain biking. But in this part of the world, almost nothing, other than a cold beer at the end of the day, comes easily. Through hardscrabble adventure and misadventure, this motley crew hopes to find never-before ridden terrain and experience marlin exploding into chaotic topwater action.

DOWNUNDER – Tassie to Cape – An Aussie Fly Fisher Production

Photo: Joshua Hutchins
Directed by Josh Hutchins
Produced by Aussie Fly Fishers

Australia is more than just sunny beaches, kangaroos, and locals saying “G’Day.” Join Josh Hutchins, from Aussie Fly Fisher, as he embarks on a fly fishing adventure down under. Traveling through mountains, rainforests, and deserts, from the bottom of Australia to the top, Josh uncovers the treasure trove of Australian species. Ticking off a bucket list of Trout, GTs, Permit and Murray cod, their road trip takes them across 5,000km from Tasmania to Cape York. With snow-covered lakes, friendly kangaroos, not so friendly crocodiles and an endless horizon of red dirt, it’s a pilgrimage not to be missed.

Hank Patterson’s Guide School – A Trout Jousters Production

Directed by Travis Swartz
Produced by Trout Jousters

Somewhere, sitting in a high school algebra class a young fly fisher is daydreaming his or her way through a lesson plan, wishing they were on the water, casting a rod. While their peers will soon depart for college, they’ll choose a different route… Hank Patterson’s Guide School. Here’s a little behind the scenes look at the lessons these youngsters will glenn from the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Guide.” Cheers to the future!

Cosmoledo Junkie – A Flyfish-Adventures Production

Photo: Flyfish-Adventures Production
Directed by Helmut Zaderer and Yngve Ask
Produced by Flyfish Adventures

Helmut Zaderer is an Austrian with a passion for fly fishing. Partnering up with Norwegian photographer Yngve Ask they explore some of the most unique locations accessible, and less accessible for fly fishing on the planet. Cosmoledo Atoll in the Seychelles is one of those unique locations for saltwater fly fishing and GT. Helmut is a Cosmoledo veteran that has visited this place since it opened 10 years ago. He still comes here 1 or 2 times every year, why? Because he is a Cosmoledo Junky. Sit back, enjoy, dream as the crew will take you to some of the best GT fishing there is.

Whitewater – A Beattie Outdoor Production in association with Off The Grid Studios

Photo: RA Beattie with Off The Grid Studios
Directed by RA Beattie
Produced by Beattie Outdoors and Off the Grid Studios

Time on the water is one of the most important priorities for Kate Crump and her husbandJustin Crump. As fly fishing guides who split their time between Oregon and Alaska, they’re living the dream of a never-ending season of chasing trout, steelhead, and salmon. But their deep connection to the water is forcing them to confront a stark reality-many of the rivers and wild places they love require a fight to survive

Relentless Pursuit – A Captain Jack Production

Photo: A Captain Jack Production
Directed by Jako Lucas
Produced by Captain Jack Productions

The founder of CaptainJack Productions, Jako Lucas is well known for going on some crazy adventures all over the globe in the hope of introducing the fly fishing community to a new location or species. The need to create a dream for young fly fishermen is what propels him to explore the uncharted waters. It is with this spirit that Jako spent 2019 traveling over 125,000 miles exploring the corners of Cameroon, theAmazon jungle and almost everything in-between. When Jako is home, he makes time to guide on theTexas coast. Look through the lens and join Jako on this discovery through these 2019 adventures.

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