See Point Reyes Officials Attempt to Shoo Massive Elephant Seal Away from Busy Parking Lot

Drake’s Beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore is home to some of the most robust marine wildlife of any beach in California. In fact, officials have had to frequently close down the popular beach due to seal activity and now, they are trying to keep the wildlife from entering the beach’s parking lot.

Photos taken at the beach show Point Reyes workers attempting to shoo a massive elephant seal away from the busy road and parking lot, giving a glimpse into the constant battle between the seals and officials. The workers are seen using some sort of tarp to push the seal back to the area of its colony:

This is far from the first time officials are attempting to rein in the hug seals in Point Reyes. Back in January, officials installed temporary concrete barriers between the beach and parking lot to keep elephant seals, sometimes as large as 5,000 pounds, from entering the parking lot.

And following a 35-day government shutdown in January 2019, a colony of 1,500 elephant seals took over the popular beach, forcing officials to close it for a long period of time.

See the beautiful seals in action:

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