A Heat Wave is Heading Towards Northern California

Sunset over the Sacramento River

After a long, cold and wet winter, spring has finally arrived in Northern California, bringing with it temperatures we are much more used to – for better or worse.

This week is forecast to give many NorCal communities our first 90 degree days, with Tuesday through Thursday being the hottest days of 2019 so far.

The 90 degree temperatures are relatively early in the year, with the typical heat not coming to NorCal until early to mid-May. The average first 90 degree days are May 13th in Sacramento and May 4th in Redding.

The high temperatures will surely begin the long process of melting the massive snowpack in the mountains, which will keep the waterways chilly for some time.

Even the Bay Area will see its share of the heat, with temperatures in San Francisco pushing 80 degrees and close to 90 degrees in the North and East Bays.

Fortunately, the hot week will make way to a mild weekend, so you can go on with your usual spring activities. Why not try a wildflower hike? Check out Where the Wildflowers Are: See NorCal’s Super Bloom at Table Mountain

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