Watch Professional Wakeboarders Shred the Waters of Northern California

NorCal is a great destination for wakeboarders. Whether it be on one of the many lakes or at one of the awesome wakeboard parks, there are plenty of places to go skiiing or wakeboarding. Just ask the Hyperlite professional wakeboard team.

Four of the best wakeboarders in the country took on NorCal as they did a road trip from Sacramento to Seattle, riding any water they could find in the process. The movie is called Hyperlite’s “Road to Seafair” where the riders make stops at Sacramento’s Velocity Island and Shasta Lake. Here is what Hyperlite said about the video:

“While Seafair is an established event in the Pacific Northwest and full of wakeboarding action, the journey getting there can be unforgettable. JD Webb and Spencer Norris link up with Matt Tonne and Trever Maur for the van life road trip from Sacramento to Seattle. With no real schedule they start at VIP Wake Park, find stillness on Lake Shasta, winch with the Oregon Ducks and land in Seattle for the annual event. Making memories that will last forever along the way, captured for your enjoyment in Hyperlite’s “Road to Seafair”.”

Sounds good to me! Watch as the pro wakeboarders take on NorCal:

Hyperlite’s “Road to Seafair” from Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.

I’ll never get sick of watching awesome people hit up our favorite local landmarks. These guys are truly unbelievable athletes.

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