A History of Lassen Park in Photos

A lot has happened at Lassen Volcanic National Park over the past 100 years

Lassen Volcanic National Park’s history is fascinating, from the eruption of Lassen Peak to the naming of Hat Creek to the emergence of Ishii, there is so much that happened in this beautiful park just over the past century.

So when Lassen NPS released some outstanding historical photos, we got absolutely giddy. Let’s take a look through the past 100 years at Lassen Park through these amazing photos.

First we’ll start with the beginning of the eruption as photographed by B.F. Loomis:

The Hat Creek Bridge looks much different today:

The Sulphur Works in 1949:

The Drakesbad Guest Lodge looks different in color:

The Lassen Park Manzanita Lake entrance in 1937:

Women wading into Manzanita Lake, by Arthur G Holmes circa July 1933:

Fishing Manzanita Lake from a boat in 1941: 

The Loomis Museum looks much different today than it did in 1930:

This photo looks like it’s right out of a classic Hollywood film:

Lassen Peak looked much different before the eruption:

Horses were the preferred method of travel 100 years ago:

Hiking was just as popular in the 1930’s than it is today:

Horseback riders on a pack trip at Snag Lake:

And last but not least, here is the famous photo of Lassen Peak erupting taken from downtown Red Bluff:

Here’s to another great 100 years (minus an erupting volcano) at Lassen Park!

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