A Potential Record-Setting Heatwave is Heading for Northern California

Rafters on the American River. Flickr/Robert Couse-Baker

It’s the first week of May and the past month has seen some beautiful spring weather in Northern California. The flowers are blooming, the temperatures are moderate and backyard BBQ’s are comfortable. That could change a little bit this week.

A heatwave is descending upon NorCal late this week as temperatures begin to signify those patented hot summer days of NorCal. The National Weather Service released there forecast for Friday and Saturday and they show near record-setting heat.

With forecasts in the high-90’s throughout NorCal, temperatures will reach record-setting this weekend. For example, Redding and Red Bluff are expected to see temperatures rise to 97 degrees on Friday, which would break the record for May 8th set in 1924.

As always, residents are encouraged to practice safe techniques during the unusually hot days. Wear light layers, stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade when you’re outside. Of course, always make sure your animals have comfortable living spaces and plenty of water.

Here are the forecast numbers for each area of NorCal:

Active NorCal

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