See Blooming Flowers and Chirping Birds in the Still-Empty Yosemite

It’s springtime in Northern California, with sunny weather bringing out the beautiful wildflower blooms and chirping birds that we know and love. It’s the perfect time of year for outdoor adventurers who enjoy getting out of the house to enjoy the sunshine, high-water flows and moderate temperatures.

But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this spring is a little different.

Yosemite National Park has now been closed for nearly two months, allowing the animals who so frequently hide from the millions of visitors to the park to come out and enjoy their homes like they haven’t been able to in decades. With the spring weather hitting Yosemite, the flowers have bloomed marvelously and the birds are chirping loud.

Since we can’t enjoy this year’s springtime in Yosemite, park rangers have been so kind as to show us the beauty of the park as we shelter-in-place. Enjoy the above video and be patient as we wait for better days ahead spent in the beauty of the NorCal wilderness.

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