All Evacuations Lifted from the Mosquito Fire

Photo: CalFire

This week’s rain throughout Northern California proved to be the perfect lifeboat for firefighters battling wildfires throughout the region. In the case of California’s largest fire this year, the Mosquito Fire, the rain helped increase containment, allowing officials to lift all evacuations.

As the cool weather and rain swept through the actively burning fire this week, evacuated residents were informed they could return home Thursday morning, ending what has been a 2-week evacuation for some. Since it began on September 6, the Mosquito Fire has burned 76,539 acres, destroying 78 structures in the process. Since the rain came this week, containment has grown to 60 percent.

Despite heavy rain this week, the fire is still not extinguished. Firefighters have used the precipitation to make major containment gains this week, but another bought of hot, dry weather could reignite the flames which once caused a smoke cloud that reached 40,000 feet in the air.

“Firefighters have used this opportunity to make great progress all around the fire before the next warming trend arrives tomorrow,” Cal Fire said in a statement.

Despite the early-season storm soaking much of NorCal, fire season is far from over. Dry and windy conditions are expected to resume through the weekend, likely resuming fire season, although with less ferocity. It’s highly recommended to continue usual fire season precautions.

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