An Urban Hike to Explore Sacramento’s Spectacular Murals

Improv Alley in Sacramento’s Midtown District

It was a beautiful day in Sacramento so I set out to take an urban hike through the Midtown District to photograph some of the beautiful murals around town. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Having driven through the area and seeing the murals at a distance many times, I felt it was time to get my camera out and do some good old fashioned boots on the ground photo-journalism.

There are now A LOT of murals in Sacramento’s Midtown. See a map for yourself (or see an interactive map here):

While I had no planed route in mind, I did in fact end up following this short 1.4 mile path where I was able to see hundreds of unique pieces without breaking a sweat. Here’s the path I took:

I started out by parking my car at the parking garage at 728 J St. because I saw this piece:

Then, as I looked across the street, I saw this super-cool mural that would excite any Star Wars nerd:

Next I walked over to the corner of K & 8th to see this colorful and detailed piece:

Corner of K & 8th

I then took a short walk over to 91 Improv Alley, which was full of a bunch of different unique paintings, both on the walls and the dumpsters:

91 Improv Alley

Thats where I saw this spectacular monkey with a baby, which seemed to come alive off the massive wall:

That whole alley is incredible really…

Next, I hoofed it over to 12th & J because I saw these HUGE pieces, with a bunch of distinct murals sharing the same wall:

12th & J

The next stop I had to make was to see what is probably the most popular mural in the area at the moment… the Johnny Cash mural:

16th & L

The Johnny Cash mural is probably one of the biggest and brightest in Sacramento. And as I walked further away from it, I realized there’s another one on the same building:

So I got a closer look to check out this behemoth:

My last stop was more of Improve Alley (948 17th St) and easily one of the most spectacular alleys I’ve ever visited:

Improv Alley (948 17th)

It’s great to have a place like Sacramento in Northern California allowing this beautiful street art to decorate the city. My casual stroll through town today was relaxing, inspiring and just a plain good time!

Thanks to the City of Sacramento for allowing such beautiful pieces to stay up and brighten up our Northstate!

Brien O'Brien

As the Food Editor and Co-Founder of Eating NorCal, Brien O'Brien is one of the most influential foodies in NorCal. After being named the "14th Best Home Cook in America" in 2017 by the FOX television show MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay, he moved to the Napa Valley where he spent a year and a half studying food and wine at the Culinary Institute of America. Now, he resides in the Farm to Fork Capital of America - Sacramento.


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