Ancient Aliens Dives Deep into the Mysteries and Unexplained Disappearances of Mount Shasta

The mysteries of Mount Shasta have been heavily documented on this website. Our admitted obsession with the iconic mountain and its paranormal legends has been a huge part of our content for the past six years. Now, one of the History Channel’s most popular shows is tackling some of the legends of the mountain.

For anyone unaware, Ancient Aliens is a juggernaut show on the History Channel which typically tries to link historic mysteries to the theory that aliens visited ancient civilizations on earth. In its 18th season, the popular show has seemingly run out of historic mysteries to link to aliens, so it’s currently looking at more recent occurrences they can haphazardly link to extraterrestrial creatures.

In season 17 episode 4, titled “The Mystery of Mount Shasta,” the Ancient Aliens team discusses mainstream mysteries and under-the-radar disappearances that make the mountain so fascinating. The episode explores Pluto’s Cave, provides plenty of awe-inspiring shots of the mountain and wanders into weird extraterrestrial theories we haven’t even reached on this website.

“Perhaps it will be at Mount Shasta where the extraterrestrials finally reveal themselves.”

The episode includes three of the “experts” discussing all of the legends and mysteries of the mountain around a table, with photos of the mountain strewn about (including this one). They postulate the different mysteries around the mountain and question whether the mountain is a gateway into our past. At one point, they hilariously pose the question if Mt. Shasta was the model Egyptians used while building the pyramids.

They also dive into the Native American history of the mountain, including speaking with one of the Karuk tribe’s elders. The history includes the 6,000-year-old Native American drawings at Petroglyph Point in the Lava Beds National Monument.

You can watch the entire 41-minute episode (with a cable provider login) here, or you can watch the below YouTube clips that can give you an idea of what they explored in the episode:

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