April’s Super Pink Moon Will Be the Biggest and Brightest of 2021

Photo by Ahsan Avi

April’s full moon will rise on the night of Monday, April 26th as the biggest and brightest of 2021. This will provide astro-enthusiasts a great chance to bask in the night sky in Northern California.

Following a year of numerous super moons in 2020, this year will only see two in the months of April and May. The April 26 moon will be visible after sunset and reach peak illumination at 11:33 pm. Because of the “moon illusion,” it will look especially large when it is close to the horizon.

A “Supermoon” occurs when when the moon is within 90% of pedigree, or the closest to earth in its orbit. April’s rendition is named the “Super Pink Moon,” due to the Native American tradition of naming each full moon of the year, although different tribes attributed different names to each moon. This month’s moon is named Pink due to the coming of flowers in April, but other names for the moon include Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon.

Another supermoon will be visible next month. The May full moon, which falls this year on May 26, is known as the flower moon.

There are so many places to watch April’s celestial event in Northern California. Here are some of our favorites:

Lassen Volcanic National Park

The best place to see any celestial event in NorCal might be a nighttime hike to the top of Lassen Peak. But with snow covering the mountain, that’s impossible tonight. But there are still many options in the park to get a good view.

Manzanita Lake and Lake Helen will surely provide some picturesque reflection photography opportunities. Also, a view of Brokeoff Mountain with shooting stars will certainly be breathtaking. No matter where you go in the park, Lassen is known as a great place to go stargazing.

The 8 Best Adventures in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lake Tahoe

Flickr/Jay Huang

If you can find a place around the lake to escape the city lights, there’s nothing like experiencing a full moon over Lake Tahoe. Maybe the best place to find the best night sky is the Emerald Bay State Park, but anywhere in the higher altitudes above the lake will give you great views.

Mount Shasta

Flickr/Harold Litwiler

There are SO MANY places to see the full moon above Mount Shasta. As you ascend into the higher elevations, the moon will certainly feel much bigger and brighter than in the valley. If you head up to Bunny Flats you should be able to see the stars bigger and brighter than anywhere in NorCal.

You’ll have a great view if you sit on the beach of Siskiyou Lake, watching the moon as it hovers above Mount Shasta with a reflection on the lake. Also, a nighttime winter hike to Heart Lake could be incredible. To be quite honest, anywhere near Mount Shasta City seems like a winner in this scenario.

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

We’ve documented the wonderful adventure of kayaking on Whiskeytown Lake during the full moon, and this occasion might prove to be an even better experience for a night on the water. You can always get on a boat (if you have access to one), grab a kayak or go to Brandy Creek. Another option would be to hike up to the top of Shasta Bally to have an overhead view of the super moon floating over the lake. So many options here…

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Yosemite National Park

Although Yosemite can become packed with visitors during the summer, there is plenty of room to enjoy a night sky. The park still stays far away from city lights and can give you one heck of a show during the meteor shower.

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Starry nights in Yosemite 💫

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Burney Falls

Burney Falls. IG_@tommyhostetler

Take NorCal’s most beautiful landmark (and The Eighth Wonder of the World) and put a a meteor shower above it – enough said. Watch it from the rocks below the majestic waterfall or get an overhead view from the trailhead above. Either way this opportunity is too great to pass up.

The Eighth Wonder of the World Sits Right Here in Northern California

Where do you plan to see the super moon this month?

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