Astronauts Send Their ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ from Space to People Impacted by NorCal Wildfires

Photo: NASA

The wildfires from Northern California are so big that they can be seen from space. That’s why astronauts aboard the International Space Station are sending “thoughts and prayers” to all those impacted by the blazes.

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy shared a photo of the fires from the space station, showing their enormous size.

“Thanks to all of the fire fighters and emergency teams who are working around the clock trying to get these fires contained,” Cassidy said in the tweet. “Thoughts and prayers to all of the people in the impacted areas.”

Cassidy arrived in the space station in April and is currently onboard with two Russian cosmonauts. They have been able to document multiple tragic events on Earth, including the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

There are currently over 300 active fires in California, with around 14 significant NorCal wildfires burning over 700,000 acres. There are thousands of residents displaced, hundreds of structures burned and thousands more threatened. Firefighters continue to work incredibly long and arduous hours to contain these fires, all in the hopes of saving lives and personal property.

Active NorCal

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