Bad News: Another Lightning Storm Forecast to Hit Northern California this Weekend

As Northern California continues to battle hundreds of wildfires spanning over 700,000 acres created by a violent thunderstorm last weekend, meteorologists are seeing disconcerting movement over the Pacific Ocean.

“Remnant moisture & instability from former Hurricane Genevieve will approach CA from south on Sunday,” said climate scientist Daniel Swain on Twitter. “Uncertainty remains, but right now it appears there is a real risk of *another* dry lightning event in NorCal Sun/Mon.”

Yes, you read that right – more thunderstorms could enter NorCal on Sunday and last until Tuesday, with a strong possibility of dry lightning throughout the region. Swain continued with a ray of hope that it might not be as bad as the storms that produced over 10,000 lightning strikes last weekend.

“Right now, I’d put the odds of dry lightning somewhere in NorCal Sun-Mon somewhere around 50/50. So there’s a 50% chance this fizzles altogether. (Fingers crossed).”

The National Weather Service confirmed Swain’s forecast, showing increased moisture over the Pacific ocean building into what could be mountain thunderstorms:

As firefighters across California are spread thin battling the massive and destructive wildfires, this storm could really push things over the edge. Let’s hope that this forecast is one of the times that meteorologists are wrong.

Stay safe, NorCal.

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  1. “Let’s hope that this forecast is one of the times that meteorologists are wrong.” OMG! REALLY! WHEN ARE THESE FCKERS EVER RIGHT? BA HA HA HA HA!!!!

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