Avalanche Causes Major Setback for Reopening Highway 89 Around Tahoe’s Emerald Bay

Photo vis CalTrans

The historic snowfall that has buried many of the roadways around Lake Tahoe has become a nuisance for officials to clear. When sunshine finally emerges, workers for CalTrans are finding more and more obstacles around the lake.

This morning, they found a massive avalanche covering Highway 89 around Emerald Bay, full of fallen trees and debris. Needless to say, the roadway won’t reopen anytime soon.

“We’ve run into some roadblocks in efforts to reopen Highway 89 around Emerald Bay,” wrote CalTrans on Twitter. “A massive slide with fallen trees, other debris and feet of snow has filled up the highway approaching and on the sidehill viaduct. Bridge will need to be cleared, inspected.”

Here are photos of the avalanche:

CalTrans will have their work cut out for them clearing the road around the frozen waters of Emerald Bay. Luckily, it isn’t a crucial roadway like Highway 50 over Echo Summit or Interstate 80 over Donner Summit, since you can use the roadways on the east side of the lake to get where you need to go. But it stops the curious adventurers who are hoping to get a look at Emerald Bay in all its winter glory.

Be safe out in the snow, and be sure to thank the hard workers over at CalTrans.

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