Hiking the Three Tiers of McCloud Falls in the Snow

Most people like to hike to Northern California’s amazing waterfalls in the spring or summer. That’s fair. There’s nothing wrong with a relaxing hike to lounge next to a beautiful cliff cascading with moving water.

But for someone a little more hardcore, hiking to waterfalls in the winter can provide a much different experience.

The wintertime can bring heavy flows to NorCal waterfalls and for just once in your life, I suggest you experience the beauty of the falls gushing from rainwater and covered in snow. In February 2019, we decided to hike the three tiers of McCloud Falls to get a full winter waterfall experience. It had recently snowed in the area and we found a clear day to make the trek. No snowshoes were needed and we had the entire place to ourselves!

Watch the video above to see our experience.

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