Avalanche Falls on Highway 89 Near Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay

Photo: California Highway Patrol – South Lake Tahoe

Sitting in the midst of a snowy winter in Tahoe, avalanches can be a concern for everyone in the area. Typically, backcountry skiers and snowboarders are the most at risk, but sometimes the avalanches can even impact travel in the area.

On February 15, an avalanche occurred on the hills above Emerald Bay, falling all the way down to Highway 89 on the southwest shores of Lake Tahoe. The avalanche measured 80-feet long and 4-5 feet high, closing down a lane of the road as CalTrans officials cleaned it up with a snow plow and blower.

Luckily, no vehicles were in the direct path of the falling snow, but it’s a reminder to take mountain travel seriously during the winter months. Similar events have buried cars in the snow and can cause significant injuries.

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