VIDEO: Fly Fisherman Lands 20+ Fish in a Day on the Pit River

Although the Pit River may be outshined by nearby fisheries in Northern California’s Shasta Cascade, like the Sacramento, McCloud or Trinity rivers, true fly fishermen know it’s a gem. The longest tributary to Shasta Lake, the river is separated by different sections and Pit 3, 4 and 5 are wildly popular among anglers. The above video shows you why.

Eric Leslie has created a fantastic YouTube page that documents his different fishing excursions, mostly around Northern California. In his most recent video, he lands more than 20 fish on the Pit 5 in just 3 hours. Watch the video and subscribe to Leslie’s page for more awesome videos.

Want to learn more about fishing the Pit River? Read our guide at Fishing the Pit River – Name is the Pits, but the Fishing Isn’t

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