Avalanche Warning: ‘Very Dangerous’ Conditions in the Sierra Nevada

Photo: Sierra Avalanche Center

Following the recent storm that dumped multiple feet of snow on the Sierra Nevada mountains, the organizations that predict and assist in avalanches have concluded that “very dangerous avalanche conditions” are currently present.

The Sierra Avalanche Center, which observes the mountains near Lake Tahoe, warned of dangerous conditions in their Saturday report.

“Dangerous and unusual avalanche conditions exist,” read the report. “Rain and dense snow today will make triggering large avalanches easier. Watch out for places where buried weak snow exists or where wind-drifted snow piles up near ridges. People can trigger avalanches from places below or near steep slopes. Some natural avalanches may be possible. The avalanche danger will rise to HIGH during the night.”

Further south, the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center has issued an avalanche warning until Sunday, December 4th at 12 pm. Following observations Saturday morning, the warning was issued for the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range between Virginia Lakes on the north to Bishop creek to the south.

“Very dangerous avalanche conditions exist,” read the warning by ESAC. “Heavy snowfall combined with strong to extreme winds and a weak underlying snowpack will likely create widespread areas of unstable snow. Avalanches may run long distances and can run into lower angle terrain typically thought of as safe. Travel in, near, or below avalanche terrain is not recommended.”

With another storm entering the area today, it’s not advised to go into the backcountry at this time.

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